My specialisation

My Specialisation:-

I mainly specialize on spine related problems like slip disc, herniated disc, disc prolapse, sciatica lumbar spondylitis, spondylitis, spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, disc desiccation, degenerative changes of the spine and other wear and tear problems.  We also treat ailments like osteoarthritis of the knee, sports injuries, etc., patients mainly present with back pain and neck pain with radiating pain to legs hand and shoulders and sometimes with restricted movements and rarely immobility.

The usual course of treatment will be about 21-24 days with proper rest after treatment procedures during this period.  We also teach some special exercises to practice after treatment. Treatments include panchakarma procedures, marma chikitsa procedure, oral medications like ‘kashaya’, ‘lehya’, ‘grithma’ etc.,